Dyad: pair specifically, sociology: two individuals maintaining a sociologically significant relationship


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback we would love to hear from you. You can use the in-app feedback form to contact us, or alternatively email us at:

[email protected]

You can also find a list of frequently asked questions below.

Dyadim has many similarities to traditional social media sites. You can find friends, share memories and interact with posts. The key difference is that rather than having a single timeline to yourself (placing the emphasis on individuals) we create a timeline per connection. This means that each item of content you create is crafted with one or more specific connections in mind. It's this small but fundamental change in model, that we believe makes Dyadim the more intimate and connection focussed social media option.
It's not for everybody and that's ok! We're not trying to offer a platform for those that need to target a large audience, market their products or build personal brands. There are well-optimised existing platforms for this type of media. Dyadim exists for those that wish to untangle their more intimiate social media interactions from viral and far-reaching content. We're not here to conquer social media, just to fill a gap!
Everything we offer for free will remain free. In the event that Dyadim grows beyond what we can currently support through self-funding and donations, then we intend to offer paid upgrades to help fund this growth. Paid upgrade paths we may explore include but are not limited to:
  • Higher quality media uploads and additional media types.
  • Increased account limits
  • Premium usernames (1-5 characters long), priced according to rarity. Like a personalised domain name or a vanity email address! Think of this primarily as a way to donate to the running costs of the network, with as a reward, a small publicly visible indicator of the relative size of the contribution you've made!
  • Paid API integrations
No. Tracking and smart algorithms are contrary to the purpose of Dyadim. For each item you see in your feed, it should be obvious exactly why it is there. No smarts, no algorithms, no AI, just real content posted by people you know.
We get it, you've got lots of friends. We're carefully managing our current limits to allow our service to scale gracefully. We also use limits to make sure people use Dyadim as intended (i.e. no mass marketing, influencing or branding compaigns). However if you have a legitimate need for raising your limits (maybe you just have a lot of friends and family!) then you can directly request to increase your limits from inisde the Dyadim app. We'll be glad to consider your request.
We encrypt your data in the database where it is stored, and during transmission between our servers and your device. Note: While we never transmit your data unencrypted, we do not offer end-to-end encryption, as this does not easily allow for us to share the content that you choose to make public with a dynamic network of connections. Access to your data by Dyadim staff is strictly controlled, logged and audited. It is only allowed:
  • With your express permission (e.g. to help you fix or diagnose issues)
  • To comply with law enforcement requests
We endorse all efforts to decentralize social media, but also acknowledge that decentralization adds a layer of complexity to solutions that can easily cause friction or confusion to an online experience for those not well-versed in the underlying technologies. We also note that theoretically decentralized options with a high barrier to entry to becoming a first-class participant, in reality often end up being run or influenced by what is inevitably a small and centralised set of front-runners. We believe that despite the bad rap, centralised options do still offer certain advantages in terms of ease of controlling and understanding where and how your data is managed. We acknowledge that trust is earned. To help us earn your trust we invite you to test our systems. E.g. Export your data and verify that it is complete and accessible. Create and delete an account and verify (from another account) that it truly disappears from our system (after a 14 day grace period).
Thank you for considering Dyadim!