Dyad: pair specifically, sociology: two individuals maintaining a sociologically significant relationship

Community Guidelines

We strive to create a welcoming and respectful community where all individuals can connect, share, and engage with each other. By participating in this social network, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Be Respectful and Inclusive

  • Treat others with respect, kindness, and empathy. Avoid personal attacks, derogatory language, or harassment based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.
  • Foster a positive atmosphere by encouraging open dialogue, constructive criticism, and diverse perspectives. Embrace differences and engage in discussions with civility and respect.

2. Maintain a Safe Environment

  • Do not engage in or encourage bullying, stalking, doxxing, or any form of intimidation or threats towards others.
  • Refrain from sharing explicit, offensive, or sexually explicit content that may make others uncomfortable or violate community standards.
  • Report any inappropriate behavior, content, or concerns by using the Flag content function within the application.

3. Respect Privacy and Consent

  • Obtain proper consent before sharing or distributing personal information, images, or private conversations of others.
  • Do not invade someone's privacy, share private or confidential information without authorization, or engage in activities that violate applicable privacy laws.

4. Prohibit Hate Speech and Discrimination

  • Do not promote or engage in hate speech, discriminatory behavior, or any form of intolerance towards individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic.
  • Flag any content that exhibits hate speech or discrimination for appropriate action.

5. Intellectual Property and Copyright

  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Do not share copyrighted content without proper authorization or engage in piracy or infringement.
  • If you believe your intellectual property rights have been violated, please contact us immediately with relevant details. You can use the Feedback function within the Dyadim application to achieve this.

6. Follow Applicable Laws and Regulations

  • Abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and community standards when using this social network.
  • Do not engage in or promote illegal activities or provide assistance or guidance in carrying out illegal actions.

Remember, failure to comply with these guidelines may result in content removal, temporary or permanent suspension of your account, or other appropriate actions as deemed necessary by the administrators.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and respectful community for all!

Last Updated: 1st Jun 2023